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Let us help you to achieve clarity and confidence through the power of brand strategy and extraordinary visual identity.

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It all starts with meaningful brand strategy

Your brand tells a story, and we are here to make sure that story is outstanding. That’s why every step you make should inspire all the employees, clients and the people around you.

We will bring it to life with transformational design

Our work supports your vision to be the market leader and to attract top-tier talent. We do this by creating a strong and relevant brand, that strikes with its beauty, is recognizable and differs from others on the market.

The process

01. Phase



To make sure what your brand (or future brand) needs, we first need to be acquainted with the brand, analyse the previous work, create archetypes, set goals, find a strategic direction and analyse the target group and the competitors.

02. Phase




After the discovery and introduction the next step is to create the story for your brand, about its essence, goals and being. Who should it speak to and how it resonates with people. Part of this process is also gathering some inspiration that helps us to choose a visual direction.

03. Phase




We start with colour psychology, because each colour has a meaning. Taking this into account we create a visual identity, we’ll create a logo and find the perfect solutions that attract your target audience.

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We create evergreen brands that are highly effective at boosting revenue, increasing brand equity, and improving ROI. Our big picture approach powers your entire business, not just the marketing department.


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15 000 AED

Great budget-friendly option to make a lasting first impression and build brand recognition.

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  • Preliminary Work Client’s briefing, in-depth research of your business and target audience, competitors’ brief analysis
  • Three Logo Samples Three initial logo examples to choose one from for finalising.
  • Finalising the Logo Finishing touches of your chosen logo.
  • Brand Color Guide Color psychology analysis, main and secondary brand colors.
  • Moodboard Inspirational photo collage, representative of the final design’s style.
  • Typography Finding the right brand fonts which aims to elicit certain emotions and convey specific messages.
  • Logo Usage Guidlines Different versions of your logo design and how they are to be used.
  • Logo Formats Different file types of your logo for using in print and web (e.g. JPG, PNG, PDF, AI etc).
  • Changes (2 pc) Changes of the logo, moodboard, brandbook etc.
  • Mini Brandbook/CVI Putting together a document with the guidelines to the brand identity of your company.



45 000 AED

Full solution to establish a consistent brand identity and stand out as an industry leader.

Get started now
  • Everything included in Standard
  • Developing a Brand Tree Design principals of sub-brands and how to implement them in the future.
  • Brand Strategy Strategic brand positioning. Internal audit (what works, what doesn’t).
  • Core Identity Purpose, vision, mission, and values.
  • Competitive Analysis In-depth analysis of your main competitors, their branding and behaviour. How to differentiate from them.
  • Market Research Defining needs and trends of the target market, and how to succeed in it.
  • Personas Description of the personas, who you are trying to reach, and how to reach them visually and verbally.
  • Brand Materials Usage Tutorials Tutorials and examples of how all design materials should be created and communicated by the brand.
  • Consultation (2 h) A consultation after having received the full CVI and its contents.
  • Brand Usage Examples (6 pc) pc) Choose examples you need in the next step in the brief form (e.g. business card, flyer, banner etc.)
  • In-depth Brandbook/CVI with a Brand Strategy Putting together a document with the guidelines to the brand identity and strategy of your company.
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