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Haga Home – Branding

Our input

  • Design & Print
  • Environmental Design


Haga Home

Haga Home was born out of the desire to offer hard-working people comfortable, high quality and innovative housing. In this building, 46 environmentally friendly and well-finished energy class A apartments will soon be ready for occupation.

We created a visual identity for Haga Home that exudes youthful confidence. The bold colour palette, strong logo, modified numbers and abstract use of imagery create an energetic, eye-catching brand that reflects quality.

Geometric shapes symbolise the essence of the smart and innovative home and the ambitious individual, creating a sense of structure and system. At the same time, these shapes are used in a playful and abstract way, appearing youthful, energetic and creative.

These smart homes support residents’ wishes, dreams and reduce worries. So more time is available for what really matters.

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